1. Information provided by the customer to Studio Erik Stehmann Webshop can used for the following purposes: 

1.a. The processing of the order. 

1.b. The sending of one or more messages that relate to the order, but not limited to one, such as, an email confirming the order. 

1.c. The (incidental) marketing a product, extra information, product care, etc., of which Studio Erik Stehmann thinks that it can contribute to the attention and to a more successful website for the client. 

2. Information supplied by the customer to Studio Erik Stehmann will never be passed to third parties. 

However, there are exceptions to this rule: 

2a If a court order has been issued to provide data. 

3. The data that the customer provided to Studio Erik Stehmann will be stored in a secure environment. 

4. The customer always has the ability to change the information given. 

Studio Erik Stehmann can ask the client in such case to pass the amendment in a manner prescribed by Studio Erik Stehmann and in some cases, identification may be required. 


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