Erik Stehmann (02-11-1984)

Erik Stehmann runs his studio, based in Arnhem (NL), with a professional view without losing the ability to experiment and play like a kid. Since graduating in 2009 at the ArtEZ School of Arts, Erik is exploring his rapidly changing fascinations on a daily base, looking for new possibilities and applications of basic techniques and materials, which eventually leads to new products. 

Sometimes it starts with a weird sentence, or with a frustration about how ugly some products are, but it always ends in an innovative project or product meant to make the world a bit more fun. “I see design as toys for grown-ups, because toys are fun, and having a lot of toys is cool."

Studio Erik Stehmann became well known for his DOG Scratchpost for Cats, a scratch post shaped like a dog he developed for his own cat, and eventually turned out to be a worldwide success. This design opened a new category in his portfolio, next to furniture, accessories and lighting, he is now frequently asked to design pet furniture/accessories.

“The best thing about my job is that I can challenge myself every day! I just enjoy inventing and designing, and I love cooperating with designlabels and manufacturers to see the possibilities of a design increase during the process.“















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